Information for authors

The 10th International Physics Conference of the Balkan Physical Union – BPU10 Proceedings will be published in a Special Volume of the AIP Conference Proceedings. The American Institute of Physics (AIP) Conference Series is a very well-known series of Conference Proceedings, which is included in the leading databases of scientific & engineering literature.

All authors are invited to submit their original research results. Submitted manuscripts will be peer-reviewed.

The manuscripts have to conform to the templates of the American Institute of Physics (AIP) Conference Proceedings (Microsoft Word or LaTeX format).

The recommended lengths of the manuscripts are: 4 pages for poster presentation, 6 pages for oral presentation, and 10 pages for the invited talks. The only strict limit is that one page manuscripts are not acceptable.

Authors have to register their contributions (title, authors, topic/scientific section) and later on to upload all corresponding files (abstract, manuscript and Transfer of Copyright Agreement (TCA) form) in pdf-format by the present On-line submission system.

The files have to bear standard file name which contains ‘First author family name’ in capitals and the submission system will rename the file adding prefix according to the scientific section and type of file. Abstracts and manuscripts have to be compiled in pdf-format. For example, John Smith et al. submitting an abstract for the 6th Section (Condensed Matter and …) has to name it as follows:


The deadline for the abstract submission is 1st April 2018.

The manuscrpts and TCA-forms have to be uploaded by the present On-line submission system until August 15th 2018.

Each author is requested to hand over a Hard copy of his Manuscript at the Registration desk on 26th August.

Authors will receive the referee reports until September 15th and have to return the amended version of their manuscripts until September 20th 2017 and also the updated version of the TCA forms if there are any changes.

Announcement for the submission of the Proceedings to the publisher AIP will be announced by the organizers on October 15th 2017.